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3 reviews for CBD Oil 30 ml

  1. ~J. Doekel

    Vulcan Organics CBD is a must have for anxiety & daily aches & pains..
    So grateful to have found this amazing product! Halfway through my first bottle. Will definitely be getting more…
    This CBD does Not make me feel tired/dull.. quite the opposite. I have clarity & focus, which I believe helps calm my nerves while also receiving noticeable relief in my chronic joint & neck pain. Also I enjoy the delicious flavor & soothing warmth of this CBD. Was extremely pleased to learn that Vulcan Organics is a reasonably priced & very local product made with a Science based process thoroughly thought through & bottled with Love❤🌿..

  2. Kacey

    There is a sea of different CBD options now in stores and online, but how do you know which ones are true to their label and will actually work? Vulcan organics let’s you see for yourself by putting their lab reports for each batch right up on the website so you know it’s a product you can trust! When using CBD to treat anxiety or aches and pains, you need a reliable product. This product works well, tastes great, and is affordable priced without skimping on quality!! So grateful to have found this incredible product!!

  3. Rose

    I have tried multiple CBD products of varying strength and quality and I can tell you this one is the only CBD oil you will ever want or need again. Vulcan Organics has figured out how to create a full spectrum CBD product of the ultimate strength and quality while keeping the cost more affordable than any other CBD oil out there. (The most comparable product to this one that I have tried was half the strength for twice the price!) The taste is also very pleasant. I don’t care for mint flavor in general and found that most other CBD oils tend to use mint to mask their true flavor, which is very offputting. Vulcan Organics’ CBD oil has made an unbelievable difference for my chronic inflammation and chronic sinus/respiratory problems. My 11-year-old daughter takes it daily for attention, focus, and sleep. It made a huge difference for her from Day 1! So grateful for this product.

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